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I had so much fun today doing a couples pregnancy shoot.  It was exciting to be apart of something like that in someones life.  Too bad it was raining today we would've had so much fun outside.   I also did two of my nieces pictures today, now that was just a blast with a make-up artist and hair-dresser on hand.  Makes me think that we should get into doing some real photographing of people doing the fancy glamor shots and really enjoy doing it.  I can't wait till it is pretty outside I have so many places to take people to do pictures.  Although I had a blast inside.  Can't wait to start filling up my schedule.
3/17/2011 01:33:48 am

And we were very glad to have YOU as the one doing the photography during this special time in our lives!!! =) LOVE our pics & can't wait to do more! THANKS AGAIN!!!

2/18/2023 06:21:29 pm

Thank yoou for this


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