Whispery Willow Photography
Be Original!  I really can't say that enough, to me there is nothing worse than someone trying to copy your every move or mimic every picture you take.  If you can't come up with your own ideas obliviously you don't need to have a camera in your hand.   There is so many things you can take a picture of in the world, but as to why you need to try and copy something that someone else has already done I am afraid I just don't understand.  I am glad you admire the person enough to try and copy there every move but you can not and will not have the same picture or style.  And no two people are going to see it the exact same way.  So I say again be Original, not only in photography but in life too there is really no need to not be your own person.  And no matter what you think it really doesn't matter to me I am my own-self and  I am an
I had so much fun today doing a couples pregnancy shoot.  It was exciting to be apart of something like that in someones life.  Too bad it was raining today we would've had so much fun outside.   I also did two of my nieces pictures today, now that was just a blast with a make-up artist and hair-dresser on hand.  Makes me think that we should get into doing some real photographing of people doing the fancy glamor shots and really enjoy doing it.  I can't wait till it is pretty outside I have so many places to take people to do pictures.  Although I had a blast inside.  Can't wait to start filling up my schedule.
This is the first time I have ever blogged, I don't write and  I am not really fond of reading so  I thought I would try it since I started my own website designed it and run it myself.  I do hope everyone who views this website will enjoy it and my works.  I love taking pictures, I do however believe that you should take a picture and it just be good without the help of photo editing.  Personally to me if you edit everything its really no longer your picture just a computer creation of how it could look if you would just take it right the first time.  Always remember BE ORIGINAL AND UNIQUE come up with your own ideas don't copy everyone else.